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Futurama memes popularized by the geek

Most of you probably already know about memes, those funny images and video clips we pass by everyday on the Internet. From Facebook to Reddit, they're everywhere and they can be about a lot of different subjects.

You've probably already seen a meme with visuals coming from Futurama, and that's a common thing ! Indeed, Futurama was created in the 90s by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, who are also the creators of the most famous animated TV show to date : The Simpsons. They released Futurama to try and appeal to a different public, more interested and hyped by technology. More particularly, they were targeting the geeks and nerds among us, those fascinated by new technologies/high-tech, science and dystopian futures, to the dreamers who imagined the impossible...

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Despite a mild success compared to the other more mainstream TV Shows like The Simpsons, the creators of Futurama have released 140 episodes in total, until 2013. Nowadays, the show still didn't become mainstream, but it has become the go-to nerdy TV show and a reference in geek culture. All those people have shared their love for the show on social media, that's how the multiple Futurama memes we see on the Internet nowadays are born.